How A Digital X-Ray Machine Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

For a family dental practice like Associated Family Dentistry LTD, keeping dental patients comfortable and providing them with the best care possible will ensure that they continue coming back to see you for all of their dental needs. If you have been using standard X-ray equipment, consider the benefits of purchasing a digital machine that provides three-dimensional images. This piece of equipment can be an investment that helps your dental practice thrive.

Accurate And Detailed

Because you will be able to see multiple angles of each tooth, you will be able to provide your patients with a diagnosis that is accurate. Standard dental equipment can be difficult to read and can confuse your patients when you try to show them the problems that are present. With digital images, no questions will be left unanswered. Your patients will appreciate that the images are detailed and they will clearly be able to see what problems you are talking about.

Quick And Non-Intimidating

You won't have to make lengthy preparations when it is time to take X-rays. The digital equipment is simple to use and it will only take a minute to capture the images that you need. Standard equipment is bulky and can worry or intimidate patients who already have a fear of dental procedures. If you have new patients or young patients who have never visited the dentist before, you will be relieved that you won't have to make them uncomfortable before you get started with the necessary treatment procedures. 

Instant Results And Less Space Needed

Standard X-ray equipment requires film to be developed which can take several days. If you do not send the X-rays to an alternate location, you would need to have a special dark room at your practice to use for developing. Also, you would need a place to store all of the images. A digital X-ray machine eliminates all of this. Images will be stored on your hard drive and can easily be categorized.

Since developing isn't necessary, you will receive instant results and won't have to worry about storing film. In the long run, this will save you money and you will have extra space in your dental office.

After you begin using your new X-ray equipment, you many see that you are saving yourself time and money on a regular basis. Your patients will appreciate the accurate results that they receive and the reduced amount of time that it takes to have this important procedure performed.