What Type Of Dental Implants Are Right For You?

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of your overall well-being. Unfortunately, many factors can contribute to a decline in dental health, such as skipping annual visits to your dentist, improperly caring for your teeth at home, and having an unhealthy diet. Losing your teeth is often a consequence of poor dental health, but fortunately, there are various solutions to fix the problem. Dental implants are one of the best solutions to bridge the gap between your teeth, regardless of if you're missing one tooth or a whole row of teeth. Additionally, dental implants can be customized to ensure the optimal look and feel for you.

One Tooth Missing

One of the benefits of getting a dental implant for a single missing tooth is that you're able to do it without disturbing the surrounding teeth. Unlike getting a bridge, dental implants don't require the adjacent teeth to be shaved down or capped with crowns. The dental implant will be placed where the root of your tooth would be and will eventually fuse with your natural jawbone, which helps keep the bone healthy. A false tooth will be made to match your natural teeth and will then be attached to the implant.

Multiple Teeth Missing

Getting dental implants for multiple teeth is a similar process to a single tooth implant; the biggest difference is that multiple teeth require multiple implants. While a crown is used in a single tooth replacement, using multiple crowns to replace multiple teeth isn't cost effective. Because of this, bridges are typically used to replace multiple teeth, especially if those teeth are in a concentrated area. Instead of the bridge being secured to two of your teeth, the bridge is attached to two implants.

All Your Teeth Are Missing

If you have an entire row of lower or upper teeth missing, dentures are the best replacement. This type of denture is very different from your typical set of dentures, however. When all of your teeth are missing, there are four to six implants placed into your jaw. The dentures are made with attachments that latch on to the dental implants. While the dentures will stay secure when you're talking and eating, they can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Dental implants will look and function like your natural teeth, which is what makes them a great replacement option. Fixing your teeth with dental implants will help restore your smile and help rebuild your confidence.

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