Debunking Root Canal Myths

Root canal. Scary words, right? Dentists are not surprised at the number of patients who avoid dental visits because of the fear of tooth pain or a procedure gone wrong. A root canal is a procedure during which the pulp inside of your tooth is removed. If you think this procedure sounds painful, you are not alone. 

Before you put the phone down and avoid calling the dentist for your tooth pain, you need to understand some of the common myths associated with a root canal procedure. 

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Before we go over some of the most common myths, let's talk about how the root canal is actually performed. First, your dentist will locate the tooth that needs the procedure performed. Once it is located, the area around the tooth is numbed using a local anesthetic. 

Once your mouth is numb, the dentist will use a special tool to drill a small hole into the tooth, which allows him or her to access the inner pulp. The pulp of the tooth will then be removed and the inside of the tooth cleaned. 

After the tooth is cleaned, your dentist will then seal and fill the tooth. 

Common Root Canal Myths Exposed

1. A root canal will hurt. 

While you may think that a root canal sounds painful, it is generally not. Most root canal procedures actually relieve the pain that you are in. Since the damaged pulp is being removed from the tooth, you will no longer experience the sensations and pains that drew you into the dentist in the first place. 

2. The tooth is better off being pulled. 

While you may think it is more feasible to have your tooth pulled, a root canal can help save your natural tooth. Once a tooth is pulled, the jaw where the tooth once was will shrink, and this can cause trouble when it comes time to insert implants. 

3. Root canals only work for a short amount of time. 

A root canal is meant to last, and it is not a temporary solution. With good dental care, your tooth will not need to have another root canal performed or additional dental work. 

4. Root canals are only performed when you are in pain. 

A tooth that needs a root canal performed does not always hurt. Sometimes, the nerve in the tooth dies off and a root canal is needed to prevent the tooth from becoming infected. Just because you are not experiencing any pain does not mean that you will not benefit from the procedure. 

Talk to Your Dentist Today

Root canals are used to help save your natural teeth, and while you may think that the procedure is going to hurt, it does not need to. If you are worried about tooth pain, your dentist can speak with you about sedation dentistry, which will help relieve your dental fears. For further information, speak with a representative from a dental clinic like Family Dentistry Of Woodstock.