Four Ways Binge Watching Can Damage Your Oral Health

On the surface, there is no apparent connection between binge-watching and oral health. If you think about it, however, this favorite pastime of many Americans can have a serious effect on your teeth. Here are four ways in which endless viewing of videos may damage your oral health:

Suspension of Oral Hygiene 

Binge watching disrupts all facets of daily life and activities. You may find yourself eating, taking showers, and brushing your teeth at different times compared to what you are used to. In fact, you may even skip your daily routine of brushing and flossing your teeth.

For example, many people have a habit of brushing after meals. However, this may not be the case if you are glued to the television feasting on your favorite TV episodes.

Constant Snacking On Fermentable Carbohydrates

Many people binge watch with their favorite snacks by their sides. Even if you didn't plan to snack, you might find yourself reaching for the available packet or bowl of snacks. Unfortunately, many people snack on fermentable carbohydrates when binge watching. These are carbohydrates that are broken down while still in the mouth, and sugar is one of the byproducts of this fermentation process.

As you know, oral bacteria feed on sugar. This means snacking on these carbohydrates feeds the bacteria in your mouth, and they produce acid that damage your teeth enamel. Examples of foods with fermentable carbohydrates include bread, potato chips, crackers, and even cereals.

Unhealthy Diet

If you don't schedule time for proper meals, it's likely that the foods you will eat on the couch will not be healthy. You may feel full while eating potato chips or popcorn all day long, but they don't give your body all the nutrients you need. Poor nutrition may make your gums more susceptible to bacterial attacks.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Frequent binge watching can easily lead to poor sleeping habits. For example, many binge-watching sessions often extend late into the night (often beyond normal sleeping hours). You may also find yourself too tired and drowsy to go to bed, so you just stretch on the sofa to sleep (or even fall asleep with the TV still on). All these lead to inadequate sleep and uncomfortable sleep.

Unfortunately, inadequate sleep isn't good for your health since it lowers your immunity. Your body's reduced ability to fight bacterial infections will not bode down well for you when bacteria attack your teeth and gums. As a result, you may develop frequent and hard to treat dental diseases.

Now that you know how binge-watching damages your teeth, you should take appropriate measures to mitigate the effects. For example, plan for meal-time breaks and take the time to brush and floss. For more information about dental care, contact a business such as Niantic Dental Associates P C.