3 Tips To Make It Easier to Eat Your Meals While Wearing Roofless Dentures

The fit of your dentures is not only important for comfort but also for maintaining healthy teeth. Ill-fitting dentures often result in bone loss and can activate your gag reflex. This often happens when the denture pushes up against the back of your tongue while moving around in your mouth. In order to solve this problem, you can take your dentures in to get them properly fitted, or you can switch to roofless dentures. Getting roofless dentures involves removing the roof of the traditional dentures in order to create a smoother fit between your gums and your dentures. This type of denture does not rely on adhesive; therefore, it may be difficult to eat with initially. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use when eating with roofless dentures.

Cut Your Food into Smaller Bites

Cutting your food into smaller bites not only makes the food easier for you to swallow but also gives you a chance to chew the food using your roofless dentures. Since roofless dentures do not rely on adhesive, it is easy for the dentures to loosen during meals. In order to prevent this, you should only chew small portions of food at a time. Once you are more familiar and comfortable with your dentures, then you can move over to larger bites.

Start with Soft Foods

Soft foods are easy for almost anyone to chew. They are gentle on both natural and prosthetic teeth. While it may be tempting to jump into eating your favorite steak after getting your roofless dentures, you should actually venture toward softer foods. Meals that consist of soups and mashed potatoes will allow you to eat your foods much more easily. After a few days of eating soft foods, you should begin adding more solid foods back into your diet.

Avoid Sticky Foods

While roofless dentures often offer a better fit than more traditional dentures, they are not immune to all issues. Eating sticky foods while wearing your roofless dentures can end up pulling the dentures out of place. Foods like gums and caramels can make it difficult to eat without having to readjust your dentures after every bite. Therefore, limit how often you consume these foods in order to preserve your dentures.

If you have been struggling with the overall fit of your denture, then roofless dentures may be the solution you need. Like any other dental device, roofless dentures can take some getting used to. Therefore, use these tips to help make the process easier.

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