2 Teas To Help Your Teen Soothe Irritated Gums After Teeth Whitening

If your teen is a heavy coffee or tea drinker, then they may be interested in getting a teeth whitening procedure. Stained teeth can ruin the appearance of a perfect smile. Teeth whitening is a good way to improve your teen's confidence when it comes time for school and family photos. The procedure can either be performed at home with the help of a kit purchased from the store or in the dentist's office. The actual whitening procedure is fairly painless. However, once the procedure is done, your teen may notice some irritation. This may be uncomfortable to deal with for a few hours or even days. Fortunately, there are a few teas that you can use to help soothe their irritated gums following the procedure.

Chamomile and Rosemary

If you are looking to calm your teen's inflamed gums as soon as possible, then chamomile is one of the best herbs to do this. The herb is used in massage therapy and other remedies because of its calming properties. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for treating any kind of irritation or inflammation. In addition, rosemary is great for its analgesic properties. In order to make the powerful tea, take a tablespoon of both rosemary and chamomile herbs and add it to a cup of hot water. prepare this mix before your teen's procedure so that it can soak overnight. In the morning, reheat the tea and instruct them to drink it slowly. Give the tea to them several times throughout the day.

Lavender Tea

Lavender is one of the most well-known calming herbs. It is frequently constructed into a tea in order to help individuals who have trouble sleeping. Since lavender is regarded as a natural sedative it can help to calm and relax the areas that are irritated. lavender works best when used fresh. Purchase a handful of the fresh herb from the store and add it to a standard sized pot. Cut a few lemon slices and fill the pot with warm water. Place the pot on the stove on low heat and allow it to simmer until it is hot. Pour some of the mixture in a cup for your teen to drink and allow it to cool before serving.

A tooth whitening procedure can have incredible results but the irritation may make it difficult to properly enjoy the results. Therefore, use these tips to help your teen soothe any irritation following their whitening procedure. For more information, contact local professionals like Pike Dentistry.