4 Habits That Can Wreck Your Veneers

Veneers are successful and beautiful dental applications that leaves you with a nearly perfect smile. Usually made from porcelain, these thin covers help to hide stained, uneven tooth shape, and similar cosmetic problems. However, your veneers should be treated with respect. There are a few dental habits that can be destructive to veneers.

Here are four habits that will wreck your veneers:

1. Chewing on non-food items.

Some people have the habit of chewing on hard items, especially when they are nervous. This habit does not go away when you get veneers on your teeth. You should never bite your nails, chew on pencils or pen caps, or even chomp down on ice. Porcelain is very strong, but it is more brittle than your original tooth enamel. It can shatter or crack from the pressure of biting into things that aren't food.

If you do like to chew, switch to chewing on carrots or sugar free gum when you're feeling stressed. 

2. Neglecting to brush and floss.

Some people might think that once they have veneers, they can't get real cavities. Brushing, however, does not only prevent cavities, but it also keep tartar from building up near your gums. If you neglect to brush, your gums become inflamed and diseased. Diseased gums pull back from your teeth, exposing the root and making the veneer appear strange, as it will not cover all the exposed area. Plaque can still build up on the veneers themselves and make them appear discolored until a dentist removes it. 

Your veneers will last much longer if your brush and floss daily. 

3. Grinding or biting hard.

If you grind your teeth, you can actually cause harm to both the veneers and your enamel. The porcelain portions of your teeth can damage your existing enamel, and the pressure from grinding can crack or break the veneers. If you grind or clench your teeth unconsciously, particularly at night, talk to your dentist about getting a protective guard for your teeth. If you grind during the day, try to break the habit by doing something different to relieve tension, such as squeezing a stress ball.

4. Using teeth as tools.

Finally, you should never use your teeth as tools. Some people use their teeth to open bags of food, to bend paper clips, to bite off tags, or to cut tape. It can affect the bonding of your veneers or cause them to chip or crack. 

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