Answering Questions About Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can take any number of different forms, and this can make it difficult for a patient to know how they should respond to these situations. After reviewing the answers to questions about a few of the more common dental emergencies that can arise, you should be able to respond in a prudent manner when these issues arise. What If One Of Your Fillings Falls Out? If you have received a dental filling, it can be easy to forget about it.

Considering Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth?

When an adult loses a tooth to decay or through some trauma to the mouth, there is not much reason to celebrate. We don't get to put our lost teeth under our pillow and get a shiny coin, and the tooth is not replaced in a few weeks like kids' teeth. But there are alternatives for replacing a lost tooth as an adult. Dental implants are a great option for a strong, natural looking tooth and are easier to clean and take care of than bridges or dentures.

Busting 3 Misconceptions About Root Canals

Infections of the tooth pulp are ill-famed for being excruciatingly painful. The infections often occur when tooth decay goes unchecked for too long, allowing bacteria to infiltrate tooth enamel and attack the sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels in your inner tooth. To halt the pain and inflammation, dentists often perform a root canal to remove dead or diseased pulp and seal the tooth. This protects the remaining pulp from further sensitivity and restores the form and functionality of the tooth.

3 Things To Look Into Before Getting Dental Implants As A Senior

If you are a senior citizen and are missing some of your teeth or need to have some of your teeth removed, one of your options for replacing those missing teeth are dental implants. Before you move forward with getting dental implants, here are three things that you need to look into. #1 Bone Disease As you age, your risk for bone disease increases. Many senior citizens experience a decrease in bone density, and this results in a decrease in overall bone health as well.

4 Signs Of An Excellent Children's Dentist

As a parent, making appointments for your child to go to the dentist starting at the age of one is highly important. It is at this time that your child's teeth have begun to come in, and you want to be sure that any signs of problems are caught early. You will also want tips from your child's dentist about what you can do at home to avoid any issues that they may notice when you bring your child in.